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I for one am totally stocked that you're here. This is my little corner where I spill all the realness on nomad life, slow living, wellness, books and bujo stuff. Go ahead poke around, hope you stick around a while. 

Hey, I'm nasya




November 27, 2020

Books + Bujo

Okay, I seriously can’t believe that it’s already time for a December plan with me. But I’m ready (along with a lot of you I’m sure) for 2020 to finally be over. I got an amazing response to last month’s video so I’m here again. For this December Bullet Journal plan with me, I wanted […]

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Dark Academia

November 17, 2020


If you are on TikTok or Instagram, or, you know any social media, I’m sure you are no stranger to the rising notoriety that recent aesthetics have received in our pandemic world. So today I’m talking all things Dark Academia. What it means, activities, book recommendations, TV shows, fashion, everything. Maybe you resonate with part […]

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Dark Academia – BOOKS, TV & FASHION

November 12, 2020

Books + Bujo

I’m a firm believer in taking action, I mean action is everything, without it you aint going nowhere. BUT that being said if your mindset isn’t right, if you haven’t built up resiliency, know what you want, and have worked through your limiting beliefs I’m going to bet you might be taking little to no […]

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November 5, 2020


Hey guys, and welcome to my fall morning routine. I made a video/post last week all about how to schedule and plan your day for success by working with your Ayurvedic/Inner clock. And basically, because I’m all about getting granular, today I’m showing you what my cozy, hygge vibes morning routine looks like on albeit […]

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Fall Hygge Morning Routine

November plan with me

October 28, 2020

Books + Bujo

Hey guys! Today I have a November plan with me for you guys and I’m really excited about it. A little background, I started bullet journaling about a year ago and in the past months, I’ve gotten such amazing feedback from you guys enjoying seeing my spreads and videos so I’m back with a dark […]

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November Plan with me in my Bullet Journal

October 26, 2020


Okay, truth be told this post was a little delayed. But better late than never because even though I wish I had A LOT more time to explore, Bar Harbor, ME was a pretty sweet place to visit. We visited Maine a few weeks ago and stayed in Belfast in the cutest Airbnb you can […]

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Bar Harbor, ME


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