meet NASYA

I created this blog because...

A 20-something, content creator, blogger, YouTuber + business owner.  I'm a vegan, travel loving, dog mom (yes my dogs come on AS MANY trips as they can). 

I'm all about being the best most unapologetic version of me, building the [somewhat unconventional] life of my dreams and inspiring you to do the same.

To be honest I'm quite bored of the story that  "success" only lays behind a white picket fence, 1.5 kids and a mortgage.

But I'm calling bull shit. In my opinion success is 100% relative.

This blog is here to spill ALL the realness with you guys on my journey and inspiring you to go after what YOU want in life. I'm sharing my travels, by best personal development, lifestyle, + productivity tips and all the real and raw to help you on your own journey.

get to KNOW ME


5 + 8



favorite city:

Paris + New York

next on the travel list:

Japan + Iceland

favorite genre:

non-fiction + thriller

favorite season:

fall,  I 🖤 Halloween

favorite music:

r+b, latin, metal,  anything but country

cats or dogs?

love all animals but my pups are the best!