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Hey! Super stoked that you're here. My name is Nasya and this is basically my place where I dish all things lifestyle, travel, aesthetics, all of it. I'm a digital nomad, vegan, content creator, blogger, YouTuber (when can I start technically calling myself that lol) + business owner.

At my core I'm all about being that little rebel who lives life the way they want to instead of folding under societies standards building the [somewhat unconventional] life of my dreams and inspiring you to do the same.

So this is why I started this blog and  YouTube channel,  to share my life and thoughts with all of you. From slow living, and lifestyle to books, bujo, and aesthetics. Hope you'll join along!


get to KNOW ME





favorite city:

Paris + New York

next on the travel list:

Japan + Iceland

favorite genre:

non-fiction + thriller

favorite season:

fall, I <3 Halloween

favorite music:

 metal, punk rock, vibey music

cats or dogs?

dogs all the way